23 January 2011

Kitchen shower cake

Cake for a bridal shower with a kitchen theme. Butter fudge cake with buttercream icing.

Sweet 16 cake

Sweet 16 cake! Vanilla and butter fudge tiers with Swiss meringue buttercream and white chocolate with chocolate transfers.

Zebra cupcake cake

Cupcakes placed side by side and iced as one large cake. For a 4-year-old's safari birthday party.                           

10 January 2011

Rainbow cupcakes

09 January 2011

Graduation cake

Graduation cake for my sister Emily, who graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Art Education. Her husband designed the cake, and the photos are courtesy of Andy Jones.

Pottery wheel was chocolate almond and coconut cake with marshmallow fondant. Books were devil's food cake with marshmallow fondant. All art supplies were hand crafted from gum paste, fondant, and candy melts. The graduation cap was fondant and cardboard.

Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake & cupcakes

Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake! Vanilla cake with strawberry and vanilla icing. Cupcakes are also vanilla cake with strawberry icing and candy strawberries.

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