19 June 2011

Vines & ladders wedding cake

The top picture is the cake I made, but the picture quality is so poor that I'm also posting the picture the bride showed me as inspiration for her cake.

Butter cake with vanilla buttercream. Flower made from gumpaste, ladders made from dowels. Cake topper belonged to the bride.

13 June 2011

Tree stump groom's cake

Double chocolate espresso cake with creamy coffee filling and mocha buttercream.

09 June 2011

Birthday present cake with red bow

Vanilla and espresso cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant bow.

07 June 2011

Roll Tide graduation party cake & cake pops!

Cake for a surprise graduation party! Vanilla cake with vanilla and chocolate buttercream; buttercream transfer. Cheesecake pops in Alabama colors, covered with chopped chocolate!

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