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wedding cake pricing
we are a two-person operation, and each cake order is custom. we need time to plan, purchase ingredients and supplies, make decorations, and bake. we need at least two months notice for wedding cake orders, but the earlier you get in touch with us, the more likely we are to be available. we reserve the right to charge more for orders fewer than two months before the wedding.

we charge a base price of $2.00 per 1x2" slice of a two-layered cake. costs include a tasting and consultation, setup, delivery, and cake stand rental. the final price may be higher if you choose a cake that has a different flavor for each tier, fillings other than buttercream, fondant frosting and decoration, or detailed decoration.

price quote

if you would like a no-obligation price quote for your wedding cake, copy the form below into an email and send it to a price quote is not a confirmation of your order. if you would like to place an order after receiving your price quote, you must pay a deposit (half of the cost of the cake) to confirm your order. we will send you a confirmation email saying your order has been added to our calendar. having everything in writing protects both us and our customers from miscommunication!

*links to pricing, serving, and flavor information are at the top of this page.

cake budget:
number of servings:
cake flavor:
icing type & flavor:
design ideas/pictures:

changes to your order
you can make changes to your order up to two weeks before the wedding date. be aware that changes may make a difference in the final price. 

placing your order
you must pay a deposit (half of the cost of the cake) to confirm your orderwe will send you a confirmation email saying your order has been added to our calendar. orders are not added to our calendar until a deposit is received. contact us if you need to set up a payment plan. 

helpful hints
the least expensive option is to choose a butter or vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream filling and icing and minimal decoration (such as fresh flowers or simple buttercream accents). if you're looking for a budget option but still want a traditional wedding cake, consider a small 2-tiered cake to display and cut at the reception and a few sheet cakes to be cut in the kitchen and set out when the other cake is gone.

the best way to ensure you don't end up with a freezer full of uneaten wedding cake is to plan to cut the cake at the beginning of the reception instead of the end. also, don't feel you have to order enough servings to feed all your guests. some people don't care for cake (although some will come back for seconds!).

additional fees
a plating fee is not included in the price per slice. if you need us to cut and serve the cake at the reception, there will be an additional charge.

we will provide the cake stand if you don't have one of your own. if we rent one from a supplier, you will be responsible for returning it after the wedding. rental companies have their own late fees, if you're not able to return it on time. if we use one of our own stands, you will be responsible for returning it to us within 5 days after the wedding. we charge a late fee of $15/day after the return date.

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